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The healthcare landscape is drastically changing: businesses are required to meet the expectations of B2B customers, while adhering to a B2C shift the industry is progressing towards. Tech advancements allow more patients to receive hospital-administered medications at home, and this new service shows no sign of slowing down. Manufacturers and distributors must optimize their supply chains to meet today’s demands, and succeed into the future of healthcare logistics.

Keeping up with today’s dynamic healthcare environment is a challenge, and you’re not alone. Purolator is proud to be recognized as the “Most Trusted Brand” in Delivery Services, and we’re ready to create a reliable, custom solution for your business needs. 1

Meet our Healthcare Supply Chain Experts.

Jason Mohammed

Strategic Account Executive, Healthcare
Purolator Inc.

For 10 years, Jason has managed healthcare logistics in Canada, providing national and global expertise in supply chain solutions for major manufacturers, distributors and medical device companies.

Sue Watt

Strategic Account Manager, Healthcare
Purolator Inc.

Sue has been part of the team for over 9 years, working with healthcare organizations on a national and global level to provide solutions to meet their challenges, KPI’s and short/long term goals.

Why choose Purolator to deliver your healthcare products?

Expert cross-border services.

Expedited freight forwarding offering with customized healthcare solutions.

Delivering Canada, coast-to-coast.

We deliver to 99.9% of all Canadian postal codes.

Purolator QuickShip™

Agile delivery solutions improving evolving patient experience 7 days a week.*

Receiver Solutions

SMS notifications and mobile pre-alert solutions.

Temperature-controlled environments.

Rely on shipment integrity, from cross border to final mile.

*Mobile Quick Stop and QuickShip are currently only available within Canada.

Proudly delivering the healthcare industry.

Send your healthcare solutions to everywhere they’re needed. Purolator delivers to 99.9% of Canadian postal codes.

1Gustavson 2019 Brand Trust Index study conducted by University of Victoria School of Business among French and English speaking Canadian consumers aged 18 +. Survey data was collected from February 5 to 27, 2019. Purolator ranks #1 in the delivery services industry category.