Purolator’s reach and expertise in Canada allow us to create customized shipping solutions for your business. With visibility, speed to market, and an agile network Purolator is the leading integrated solutions provider for your unique business.

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Solutions for the electrical and automation industry

Coverage across Canada

Broad geographic service coverage with early morning service access points and Hold For Pick Up within our retail network.

Speed to market

Flexible time-definite solutions that meet customer requirements.

Single-source provider

Enjoy a dedicated supply chain solutions expert to provide a seamless shipping experience with no hand offs.

Special handling

Dangerous goods solutions to ensure safe and efficient handling.


Electrification at our National Hub and an enhanced network to increase speed to market and the last-mile of delivery.

Case study

Industrial solutions, delivered with confidence

TTI works with Purolator for all Canadian deliveries, directly from their origin in Mississippi. They’ve significantly improved visibility and last-mile delivery solutions, and – perhaps most importantly – they’ve considerably cut turnaround times when shipping to Canada.

See how cross-border solutions helped TTI Canada cut shipping times by 66%.

“Purolator has been absolutely fantastic at cutting our turnaround times probably by two-thirds – and not only that, but they’ve come up with a number of other solutions, too.”

Meet our Industrial Supply Chain Expert.

Robert Biggar

Sr. Sales Executive - Industrial
Robert has been part of the team for over 10 years, working with organizations on a national and global level to provide solutions to meet their challenges, KPI’s and short/long term goals.

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