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Healthcare logistics is a highly demanding industry and the pandemic has largely accelerated the need to improve the safe transport of medical goods, equipment and vaccines in large volumes and during emergencies. At the same time, tech advancements allow more patients to receive hospital administered medications at home. With stay-at-home mandates and growing familiarity of virtual meetings, this new service shows no sign of slowing down. Manufacturers and distributors must optimize their supply chains to meet today’s demands, and succeed into the future of healthcare logistics.

Keeping up with today’s dynamic healthcare environment is a challenge, and you’re not alone. Purolator’s time-definite shipping solutions ensure consistency and reliability using Canada’s extensive shipping and logistics network.

Optimize your supply chain for the future of healthcare

Purolator offers a variety of specialized shipping services to meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

  • Delivery across North America. Specialized services for timely and transparent shipping between Canada and the U.S.
  • Special handling and white-glove services. We treat healthcare products meticulously.
  • Time-definite delivery options. Urgent and sensitive packages reach their destinations on-time and intact.
  • Specialized packaging needs. With the options of temperature-sensitive and high-visibility packaging, we ensure the integrity of your shipment.
  • Transportation of dangerous goods. Our expertise helps us deliver products that need a high level of care.

Why choose Purolator to deliver your healthcare products?

Expert cross-border services

Expedited freight forwarding offering with customized healthcare solutions.

Delivering Canada, coast-to-coast

We deliver to 99.9% of all Canadian postal codes.¹

Purolator QuickShipTM

Agile delivery solutions improve evolving patient experience 7 days a week.*

Receiver solutions

SMS notifications and mobile pre-alert solutions.

Temperature-controlled environments

Rely on shipment integrity, from cross-border to final mile.

Getting your healthcare products to where they’re needed

Rest assured that your goods will arrive where and when they’re needed, anywhere in North America. In addition to our extensive coverage in Canada, we offer international shipping to and from the U.S. With over 25 years experience of cross-border logistics, customs expertise and an array of shipping options, we’re making it easier to safely ship your healthcare goods across the border to the people counting on them.

Send your healthcare solutions to everywhere they’re needed. Purolator delivers to 99.9% of Canadian postal codes.

* Mobile QuickShipTM is currently only available within Canada.
1 Purolator Inc. (2019). Unicode Directory, October 2019.