What makes a successful partnership?

Unisync has fostered a strong partnership with Purolator since 2011, utilizing our small parcel courier services and LTL freight transportation to ship goods across Canada. Serving a list of iconic brands (including Purolator!), Unisync is a leading provider of corporate apparel. However, it was when Unisync needed a scalable solution to meet the demands of an Air Canada project, that the true value of a shipping partner with extensive reach across Canada was highlighted. Matthew Graham, CEO of Unisync, shared his experience of partnering with Purolator to deliver on one of their biggest projects yet.

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Every Package a Promise: The Story of Unisync.

Unisync knows the significance of finding individual solutions to meet client expectations and a recent project with Air Canada challenged them to get even more creative with their services. Matthew Graham explained Unisync’s priorities, “it has always been important for Unisync to find innovative ways to deliver more value to their customers through service.” Air Canada came to Unisync with a big ask: to distribute 31,000 employee uniforms from a fully coordinated 150-piece collection by Canadian designer, Christopher Bates. The timeframe was short and the shipment required extraordinary attention to security, tracking and package integrity. For Air Canada, and for Unisync, it was critical to distribute the uniforms with the same care that was given to them when they were created.

It has always been important for Unisync to find innovative ways to deliver more value to their customers through service.

If every package was a promise, Unisync needed to keep all 31,000 of them. Equally important, they needed to custom fit the entire delivery solution to satisfy a list of specialized requests.


Shipping Across Canada with Purolator.

With long-standing expertise and extensive reach across Canada, Purolator met all of Unisync’s special requests with a ‘yes we can’ response, bringing members of almost every business unit together – operations, delivery, retail and IT– to ensure a seamless solution. Purolator’s service-first philosophy resonated with Unisync, because that’s how they do business, too.

“Purolator ensured that every uniform was in hand, on time and in excellent condition.”

Purolator’s services that fulfilled Unisync’s custom requirements:

  • Enriched tracking
    Both Unisync and Air Canada required the ability to see exactly where any order was at any time. Purolator’s enhanced real-time tracking and reporting brought the visibility they needed.
  • Heightened security
    A uniform in the wrong hands is an enormous security risk, so signature-required services and true cross-Canada shipping with minimal handoffs was critical. Purolator’s signature-required services along with their 99.3% direct delivery (no hand-offs) secured every package.
  • A ten-day hold-for-pick-up window
    An extra-long window was necessary to accommodate crew members on extended layovers, and Purolator granted that service easily.
  • Speed and damage-free service
    Every uniform had to be delivered on time and damage-free. Purolator ensured that every uniform was in hand on time in excellent condition.
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Unisync + Purolator. Delivering Success Together.

With Purolator’s assistance, Unisync’s relationship with Air Canada was strengthened. Unisync found that working with responsive suppliers that their clients trusted was critical. While they’ve used Purolator’s day-to-day service, the Air Canada project was the first time Unisync teamed up with Purolator at such a great magnitude. Thanks to some flexible and reliable solutions, all 31,000 uniforms were picked up and shipped to happy Air Canada employees. Purolator was able to fulfill Unisync’s specific requirements and they both look forward to another major project together.

"We have always been pleased with the day-to-day service from Purolator, but this was our first project of this magnitude. I can only surmise that it won’t be our last. Purolator exceeded our expectations throughout."
Matthew GrahamCEO - Unisync

Offering a custom fit for Unisync

“When faced with the challenge of delivering such a high volume of shipments in a short time frame – and keeping tracking and security in mind, we knew we had the reliable solutions to meet Unisync’s needs. It was just as important to them as it was to us to offer innovative delivery that brings more value to our customers.”

Jennifer Hawkins,
Senior Sales Executive, Purolator Inc.
Jennifer Hawkins,
Senior Sales Executive, Purolator Inc.

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